The cargo forwarding industry has been growing steadily since the onset of the modern technology and high-speed commerce. Years ago, however, things were very much different. it was 1987, a year after the fabled EDSA revolution. With widespread growth and development, the nation's industrial machinery was running in full throttle. Investors were coming in from all sides, marking the resurgence of import and export activities. It was soon evident, that the transport industry has to be reinforced to cope with the demands of both local and foreign investors.


It was in that same year that Mercury Freight International, Inc. was established as customs broker and cargo consolidator. Its name inspired by the speed of Mercury, the Roman God, It soon established itself as a company that offers safe, economical and efficient integrated transport services for domestic and international markets. Through the years, Mercury Freight has grown to be an excellent cargo forwarding firm. It is now housed in its own building and warehouse in Paranaque, Metro Manila.