Manila to Busan

Book your Manila to Busan shipment to us this week! You get a rate of -35/CBM Vessel: Okee Alba V:005N ETD: March 31 2019 LCT: MFII WHSE: March 28 2019...

Manila to Singapore

Book your Manila to Singapore shipment to us this week! You get a rate of -60/CBM Vessel: LOBIVIA 089E ETD: MAY 21, 2019 ETA: MAY  27, 2019 LCT: MFII WHSE: MAY 19 2019...

Manila to Hongkong

Book your Manila to Hongkong shipment to us this week! You get a rate of -15/CBM Vessel: Okee Alba 012N ETD: MAY 19 2019 ETA: MAY 21 2019 LCT: MFII WHSE: MAY 16 2019 @1600H

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In the olden days

when people wanted safe and fast delivery of goods, they desperately sought the help of the god of wayfarers and merchants MERCURY.

In modern times, people have the best option next to God


The Vision

A year after the EDSA revolution, with new hope pervading in the air and investors coming in with a renewed interest in Philippine made products, the vision that gave birth to mercury Freight International,Inc. was born. A vision to provide the people with total freight system that is 100% Filipino owned.


The Growth

It has been a success story for Mercury Freight Inc., since its birth in 1987. In less than five years. It has expanded operation with the aim of providing safe, economical and efficiently integrated transportation services for domestic and international markets.

Distinctively, MFII is the first 100% Filipino owned forwarding company to offer comprehensive liability insurance protection over all shipments under its own house bill of lading.

The Promise

MFII guarantees the safe and efficient transport of goods by air, land or sea to any island in the Philippines and any part of the world.